iPhotoCourse Photo Challenge

Welcome to the iPhotoCourse Monthy Photo Challenge

Part of our goals here on iPhotoCourse is to foster a fun and interactive experience for photographers of all levels and interest, and what better way to go about it than a friendly and creative monthly photo challenge?

Every month, we’ll run a theme-based competition to challenge your creativity and photography skills across different genres.

To make things interesting, we’ll run a score-based competition system that awards a certain number of ‘points’ to each month’s top-3 winners with monthly and overall prize at the end of the year to cap things off.

Monthly Themes

Click the link to view the theme details and results:

Basic Rules and Guidelines

1) Photo must be original and taken by the photographer

2) Image must be 1200px on the long side

3) Photo post-processing allowed, but limited to global adjustments and corrections.

4) Clone-stamp/healing adjustments allowed.

5) No adding/superimposing/overlaying additional elements not present during image capture.

6) No signatures/borders

7) You must submit your images via email to contest@iphotocourse.com with the subject line indicating the contest theme (i.e. April 2012, Happy Portraits).

Email must contain the following details:

  • Name of Participant
  • Email
  • Country of Residence
  • Basic EXIF (Camera, Lens, Shutter Speed, Focal Length, Aperture, ISO)
8) Limit to Two (2) image submission per individual


Rights of Usage

1) Photographer keeps all attribution and copyright to their images. iPhotoCourse will not own/claim rights of usage of any submitted photographs.

2) Top three winning photographs of each month’s contest agrees to have their images featured in iPhotoCourse monthly score tally update posts on iphotocourse.com

3) iPhotoCourse will not use/display the submitted photographs anywhere outside of iphotocourse.com, the newletter group, and its Facebook page.

4) By submitting your entries, you explicitly agree to the three terms and conditions above.



The purpose of iPhotoCourse’s photo challenge is to make photography fun and relevant as well as a continuous exercise to one’s creativity and working around limitations. While ‘winning’ is a part of the challenge, the ultimate goal is for you to hone your skills and think outside the box.

1) Images will be uploaded by the iPhotoCourse admin, images will be anonymous when posted on Facebook.

2) Social popularity (votes) weigh in at 40% of judging, 60% will be based on the panel of judges’ decision.

3) Entries will be judged based on theme relevancy, technicality, originality, and impact to viewer.

4) All decisions are final, the judging panel and iPhotoCourse admin are not obligated to provide justifications and reasoning for their selections.


Scoring System

Scoring will be based on a Formula 1-type of scoring system wherein:

1st place – 25 points

2nd place – 18 points

3rd place – 15 points

The participant with the highest point total by December 31st of the year will be proclaimed as the iPhotoCourse Photographer of the Year

In case of a tie, the photographer with the highest number of top-3 finishes win.


Participation Requirements and Fees

There are no pre-requisites to join the photo challenge, but I’d appreciate it if you do the three items below:

No fees or payment required to join the iPhotoCourse Photo Challenge. If you receive any notification, email, or message claiming you need to pay a fee, please report and forward the source immediately.



The winner of each month’s challenge receives a free 12-month Basic plan subscription to ZenFolio, stunning photography website hosting for serious photographers.

If a repeat 1st-place winner occurs, he or she will get a coupon code for Craft and Vision eBooks.

The final prize of the iPhotoCourse Photographer of the Year is yet to be determined, but the value will certainly be worth the while.

Note: Prizes may change without prior notice as prizes depend on sponsor and provider availability.

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