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Instructional Series – Photo 1 Korean Kimchi BBQ Chicken

Photo Instructional

New series to share with you guys. I’ll post an image and show you how the image was shot. These are all pretty basic setups with no expensive equipment or props involved so you can replicate and re-use for your own use. Hope you enjoy this new segment.

The first image I’ll feature is a simple Korean BBQ dish my wife made for dinner. Everything in the shot is “real”, meaning, the dish is consumable and no stand-ins were used (I’ll mention stand-ins if future photos utilize them).


Here’s how the shot was set up.


As the diagram shows, only a single light source was used – a Canon 550EX hooked up to a wireless trigger, firing through a hand-held diffusing scrim (opaque fabric). Fill light was provided by a large foam core board opposite the light source to control contrast in the shadow areas, while a small hand-held mirror was used to add subtle shine for the soup bowl.

The camera was positioned right next to the fill board.

A high, rear-lit angle was used for this setup to create a soft, defining shape for the egg and to bring out the texture of the kimchi rice.

A diffusing scrim was chosen rather than an umbrella because I didn’t want the stems of the umbrella to show on the egg yolk and spoon’s reflection. A soft-box can be used as well but I find a scrim easier to work with.

EXIF – 1/250 @ f/5.6 ISO 250 – lens @ 47mm

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