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How to Shoot Amazing Water Drop Shots

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water… Be water, my friend

— Bruce Lee

Water has always been a critical element in many photographs. From action sprinkles, powerful water falls, to serene scenes, water elements tend to bring in a much needed sense of completion in a scene.

However, it’s not just the presence of vast amounts of water that are interesting. A single drop can create wonderful images all by itself.

With its seemingly random, elastic, and mesmerizing smoothness water tension brings, water drop photography is never a bore. You can pretty much guarantee that you’ll get a new and unique image every time you try it.

Golden Water Drop by Joe Dyer

Golden Water Drop by Joe Dyer, on Flickr

So here are a two video tutorials for you, one with the use of flash lighting, another with natural light. Enjoy this one.

With Flash Setup

No Flash Setup

Post your water drop shots links in the comments below and share this post to your photography buds! It’s a great weekend project!

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