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How to Photograph – Meatball Spaghetti

Dish – Spaghetti with Meatballs.

Another simple home-made, real food dish featured today. I’d like to share some ‘behind-the-scenes’ pointers to get this shot.

1) The pasta was undercooked and un-oiled during prep to prevent the spaghetti from sliding and collapsing. Oil was lightly brushed after it was twisted and arranged.

2) A ‘false-floor’ was added inside the green bowl to raise the height, otherwise, we’ll be using too much pasta for this shot.

3) Dishes and fabrics were chosen to maximize the visual impact of the red sauce.


Here’s how the shot was set-up.

Lighting Setup

I decided against using any umbrellas for this shot as the stems on the brollies reflect onto the bowl, so I fired a bare hotshoe flash onto a wall to create a large, diffused lightsource.

Frontal light is provided by a silver reflector and additional fill from a large white foam board. As always, the silver reflector is for highlights and sheen, while the larger white reflector is for contrast control.

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