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How to Photograph – Marshmallow Pound Cake Bites

Here’s a fun and easy project to get your fingers on. These marshmallow-frosted pound cakes are made simply from melted Krafts marshmallows, Sara Lee butter pound cake cubes, and some toppings (choco chips and sprinkles). It’s sticky, gooey, and delicious as well!

However, this is not a food blog so we’ll get to the photography part of this shot and I have a couple of ‘cheats’ to overcome the challenges of the shot.


The actual and edible cakes are in the background, the out-of-focused dish. The reason that I placed the edible ones in the background is because it is quite difficult to keep the pound cake from ‘standing’ as the marshmallow frosting is very sticky. As soon as you place the coated pieces on the plate, the frosting will stick to the (greased) spatula and ruin the cake underneath in the process.

That means, what you see here are fakes!

The ‘hero’ pieces you see in the photos were actually four pieces of styrofoam cubes with rounded edges. I didn’t have a thick enough styro board lying around so I sandwiched three 1/4-inch styro boards to create height, the blocks were then held down using tacky clay (BluTac). The frosting was carefully dripped in thick blobs for a smooth surface.

The sprinkles and choco chips were placed carefully using a small tweezer, but the slippery nature of the frosting created a very pleasing and random accidental arrangement of the choco chips.

As for the dish and lighting setup. I’ve opted for a clean, spring look as the main subject is primarily white. I opted for a blue palette in for the placemat and table cloth (which is actually the ironing board’s cover) and chose a nice, classy plate as well as a more ‘formal’ looking fork.


Lighting was quite simple, a large north-facing window as main rim light, on-cam flash on ETTL mode firing towards a white reflector for front fill and gloss, and a small 6″ Ikea white mouse pad just out of the frame for subtle gloss on the fork.

Hope you liked it! “Stick around” for more and happy 2011!

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