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Head-to-Head, Canon 70D vs. Nikon D7100

In the last few months since the release of the Canon EOS 70D, with it’s rather advanced jump in video AF technology, we’ve been getting a lot of messages on our Facebook page comparing it to the popular Nikon D7100.

So here’s a set of head-to-head comparison videos for you to judge for yourself.

Both cameras are extremely popular for the high-end, APS-C market. While the D7100 is Nikon’s top APS-C camera before treading on full-frame territory, Canon still has the old EOS 7D lurking around and the 70D is considered a gap-filler between the Rebel series and the 7D.

The EOS 7D made waves when it was released primarily due to it’s video shooting capabilities.

While, yes, there are still “purists” who shun the idea that a DSLR should only take pictures, more and more users have been embracing the video capabilities of a DSLR camera.

Here are FOUR interesting head-to-head comparisons between the Canon EOS 70D and the Nikon D7100, do you agree with their verdicts?

First from Majid Syed of MW Technology

Check out what Michael “The Mentor” says in the next video, click the next page.

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