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Flash – The Comprehensive Camera Flash Buying Guide

Final Note

I firmly believe that buying a flash and learning how to use it properly on and off camera will open up a lot of photographic opportunities that you may not be aware of and increases your knowledge in light manipulation and control.

Choosing a flash for your needs won’t be as difficult as choosing the right pocket digicam as there are only a handful of options available to flash buyers at this point. If you go OEM, your brand probably offers 3-4 models at the most, with significant price and feature differences for you to make an informed decision.

Third-party flashes will be a little more challenging as reviews and tests are not as abundant as OEM brands and 3rd party flashes often offer different sets of bells-and-whistles that make you think twice when comparing.

However, just take note of the key pointers in this article and it should help you narrow down your flash options considerably.

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