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Essential Digital Camera Accessories Round Up

Digital Camera Accessories You Can’t Miss

Digital Camera AccessoriesDigital camera accessories are a huge part of the whole experience of taking pictures. While some accessories simply offer convenience, other accessories are so essential that they can “make or break” photos or the process of taking a great photo.

Some of these accessories are beneficial for beginners, professional photographers and those that simply like to take photographs in their spare time, as a hobby.

Remember that you don’t need to have all of them or the best offering per category, but it’s important to assess which of these accessories are critical for your photography niche and goals. Also, remember that buying good brands with good reputation will prevent a lot of headaches in the future. Don’t skimp on products that can damage your expensive camera gear.

Consider the digital camera accessories below, plus some recommended brands for each.

Charger For Rechargeable Batteries

If you’ve ever used regular batteries for your digital camera, without a doubt you now understand the need for rechargeable batteries. Having your own charger is very convenient, especially if this charger will allow you to recharge your rechargeable batteries fast.

The fastest chargers available are able to recharge batteries fully in 15 minutes. These fast chargers are perfect for events, parties and vacations, since your digital camera is good to go again after only a few minutes of recharging.

However, it’s critical that you have a modern, SMART charger to ensure proper charging and monitoring of each battery cell.

These smart chargers charge each battery cell individually, tracks their performance and lifespan unlike generic ‘series’ chargers that often cannot charge and refresh batteries optimally.

Also, if your spare batteries turn out to have been drained, it won’t really matter if your charger works fast.


Camera Bags

Camera bags of different sizes and shapes are available for different brands and models of digital cameras, but make sure that you get the correct size for your digital camera and the accessories that you will be needing each time you take photos.

Bags for digital cameras serve to protect your equipment from dirt, dust, bumps and accidents. The best ones to get are waterproof, since they will protect your digital camera from water, in the event of water spillage or bad weather conditions.

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A tripod is best for taking shots to make sure that there is no “camera shake”, something that is especially an issue with cameras that have longer focal lengths (zoom) and weight.

Tripods are also perfect for easily taking shots from odd angles and in low-light situations. Lastly, it’s practically a must-have for any serious landscape, still-life, and stock photographer.


For Small Cameras:

For DSLRs and heavier gears:

Memory Cards

Larger and faster memory cards maximize your potential of your digital camera. Back when regular cameras and camera film were the norm, professional photographers often went through so many rolls of films for a single photo shoot that it was incredibly costly. Now digital cameras only need 1 of these tiny flat cards to store tons of high resolution photographs.

It’s important to match the memory card specifications to your camera and requirements. If you’re going to shoot a lot of HD movies and high-volume/high-speed sports coverage, for example, then a more expensive, fast memory is a must. However, if you’re a casual snap shooter going to a long holiday, a more basic model will suffice.


Remember to buy accessories only when you need them unless you’re willing to spend the money to experiment. Some of the items listed like memory cards and chargers are no-brainers. But for camera bags for example, try to look closely on the specifications to make sure it suits your needs.

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