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Review – Generic Hand Grip Strap from China

Generic Verical Handgrip Strap from eBay

I was in the market for a vertical grip strap for my camera, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like it so off to eBay I go. I found this from tons of China-based sellers and the cost was a measly US$2.99 + US$4.50 for shipping. Sounds like a steal to me.

I received the item in less than two weeks from the seller, which as magnificent. His prices are very reasonable and doesn’t rip you off in shipping.

Let’s move on to the strap itself.

China camera hand strap

A hand-grip strap basically frees you from the traditional neck strap while allowing you to securely hold the camera with little physical grip from your hands as possible.

This hand-strap is made of synthetic leather for the outer part and a soft, comfortable, padded fabric for the inner portion. The straps are made of standard nylon, while the base is made of hard plastic with a metal screw-mount thread.

The whole assembly is reasonably well built for what it’s worth. The plastic is sturdy and the threaded knob is well molded for easy attachment and removal.

That’s pretty much where the positive stops, though.

As a grip, it fails miserably to keep your cam firmly cradled to your arm. It offers little to no support, making the cam feel pretty much the same as holding it bare without any harness. That doesn’t instill any confidence when you’re holding a moderately weighted lens up front with a magnesium body camera like my old EOS 10D. That doesn’t work, a strap of any type should be able to make the user feel that the item they’re holding is lighter than it should be with a good design, this feels exactly the same with an annoying loose strap fiddling around your hand.

The totally unnecessary bulk of the whole assembly at the bottom covers my Canon’s battery compartment making battery replacement a “shift and open” affair for my battery compartment door.

Speaking of the base, there’s a small 1/4″ high, 3/4″ long “stub” that’s supposedly there to keep the strap’s base in line with the base of your camera. That little knob is intrusive enough to cause scratches over time since it doesn’t really lock into position and will move back and forth as the thread loosens (like when you need to attach your cam on a tripod or change battery.

The fabric that makes contact with your hand doesn’t offer any grip whatsoever even if you’ve adjusted the strap to its tightest possible length.

My verdict is that even at <$10, it’s a waste of money unless you rarely carry your camera around town for hours or you’re using a really small and light camera (which really won’t need a hand strap in the first place).

With straps and grips, stick to good brands.

Rating: 3/10

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