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Easy Flowing Liquid Photography Tips, No Flash Required

Action-Packed Liquid Photography Project You Can Try

Here’s a great new project you can try at home. Ever wanted to create dramatic photos of liquids being poured into goblets like those wine or juice commercials? Here’s an easy tutorial for you to follow to get started and you can develop your own style as you gain more experience.

Get ready to get wet!

Equipment Required:

  • Tripod for your camera
  • A way to secure a goblet that is held at an angle (optional)
  • A work light or flood light
  • A bottle or cup with a spout to pour the liquid out
  • Water
  • Food coloring

That’s basically it.

The cool thing with this project is that you won’t be needing flash or strobe units to make it work. Shooting with a relatively strong floodlight allows you to use high shutter speeds and frame-per-second capture instead of relying on timing to get a nice shot.

A tripod’s essential as like most still-life projects, your focus has to be bang-on and having a tripod will save you tons of time from recomposing, re-acquiring focus, etc.

Liquid Pouring Photography Tutorial

Liquids behave erratically so having the ability to shoot a lot of shots in continuous sequences will just increase the odds of you having a great water splash image in the end.


The goblet/glass doesn’t really have to be angled like the tutorial video, it all depends on your execution. If you’re using a martini glass, for example, the sharp angle of its edges are more than sufficient to create an awesome splash.

Enjoy these tutorial videos and feel free to post your project onto our Facebook Album!

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