Digital Darkroom

Harness the Power of the Digital Darkroom

Let’s face it, when digital cameras hit the mass market and killed off film, photographers of all levels need to learn the basics of the digital darkroom in order to maximize their creative and technical output on their photographs.

As much as self-proclaimed purists want to claim that their photographs are ‘unaltered’, the fact is all digital files go through some form of post-processing one way or another, the difference is whether you’re making the change using the limited factory photo adjustments or doing it on a computer.

There’s no such thing as an unprocessed final photo as none of the native unprocessed RAW images can be used without processing, so instead of handicapping ourselves to the notion of digital darkroom = evil, why not understand the tools and techniques to maximize whatever creativity we have and enhance what our cameras can’t do natively?

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Basic Post Processing

These basic tutorials on post-processing address the most common corrections and workflow needed for most photographers, they’re easy enough to follow and implement.

Advanced Post-Processing

Need to go beyond global adjustments and get serious? Here are some advanced post-processing techniques to start off with:

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