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David’s Site Recommendation — Month #5 –

Jamison Wexler - is a New England-based wedding photography company ran by Zofia Waig, Earl Christie, Stacey Doyle, Michelle Turner, Andree Keehn, and Jamison Wexler. Together, they showcase some of New England’s best wedding and portrait photography that is unique to the northeast.

I have a personal soft-spot with New England as I stayed there for four years and I really, really love the whole area. However, is featured not because of my nostalgia, but the site’s wealth of information presented in a very easily understandable and casual manner.

From post-processing, corporate and web presence tips, to actual photography insider tips, they’re all there, written by different individuals who share the same vision and mindset, it’s a fresh visit every time as you’re reading insights from different people from the same company.

I probably visit most often for its on-location lighting tips for weddings as their experiences will surely present itself in your wedding coverages in the future and their easy solutions that yield excellent results are easy to replicate and implement.

Enough babbling from me, go visit now. :)

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