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Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera Guides for Beginners for iPad Reading

How to Use Canon DSLR Cameras (EOS Rebel T4i, 60D, 7D, 5D Mark III)

Do you struggle understanding what all the features and functions you Canon DSLR offers? Does the user manual lack clarity on how each of the settings really help you shoot a particular scene? Of course it does, it wasn’t written for you to take better photos but only on how to use the camera itself.

I’m sure that most camera owners face this problem every time they purchase an advanced camera. I know I do!

The fact of the matter is, even advanced photographers tend to struggle with the plethora of features today’s cameras offer.

For beginners, this is exponentially more difficult as conflicting advice from friends make it worse. Wouldn’t it be great if you have some help?

iPad Canon DSLR Guides to the Rescue

What better way to clear up the confusion than to have a pro do an over-the-shoulder look of what each menu item, camera setting, and button does to your photographs directly?

How about having that professional ready at your fingertips if you own an Apple iPad or other portable reader?

Douglas Klostermann has been writing great user guides for cameras for quite some time and I think you’ll find these very helpful.

In fact, even after several months of playing with my camera, I still bought his guide just to see what I’ve missed and it helped me tremendously on how certain obscure features of my camera works, and I’ve been a Canon shooter for over 10 years!  You’ll love these books.

Canon EOS Camera Guides

What Others Say

Tim S. Says:

A Pro Right There with You – If you want to get the (Canon EOS 7D) camera up and running with the feeling of a pro right there with you then I would strongly recommend it.

He walks you through setting the camera up and gives you his reasoning for the settings. He leaves the door open to change them based on your level of experience. After the basic settings tour Doug then gets down to the heart of this great camera: the custom settings and focus system.

His explanation is first class and he explains how various custom settings are related to each other. The focus system on this camera is top drawer and Doug does a fine job explaining what can be a very intimidating area of this camera. All in all a great read.

Camera in one hand and reader in the other and dig in.

Be warned you should be above a beginner in dSLR understanding before diving in and this probably would not be your first dSLR camera. It is not a point and shoot read. I am on my third read through and still absorbing and tweaking. Thanks Doug….just what I was looking for.

Benoit A. Says:

Really Focuses on the “Why” – I found the (camera’s) manual good for understanding how to set things up but not much on the why – this book really focuses on the “why”.

The guide helped me understand why to use specific settings for specific needs. The Custom Settings sections helps to make firm decisions on how to apply settings by understanding the usage of each in addition to knowing how to set them up.

I would like to thank you for saving me time – now I’m confident that my camera is well tuned!

Save yourself some headache and fast-track your learning by getting a professionally written guide for your camera. You’ll never shoot better pictures if you keep fumbling on what your camera settings do.

Grab the guide, follow the tutorials menu-by-menu, in a couple of days, you’ll know more than 95% of camera owners out there.

Here’s the link to view all the guides (even for Nikon users!) – Click here to visit Full Stop. E-Book Publishing

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