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Camera Phone, Phone Camera Lines Are Blurred With Samsung’s Phone, I Mean Camera.

After the announcement of a major camera manufacturer’s release of a point and shoot camera that runs on Google Android operating system, Korean mobile phone giant Samsung is planning to turn its popular Galaxy SIII smart phone into a camera.

By virtually fusing a Galaxy SIII with a “real” camera lens, controls, and possibly dedicated electronics just for the camera, Samsung’s vision looks great.

In the image seen below (via GSMArena), it looks pretty “final” and ready rather than some artist’s rendering. If you look closely, the entire rear area looks like a Galaxy SIII but the top and possibly the front will be from Samsung’s WB camera series like this Samsung WB150F digital P&S.

Samsung Camera with Galaxy SIII

No official specifications are provided so far, but you can pretty much all the connectivity, display, and mobile access of the Galaxy SIII with the WB series optics, auto-focus, flash, and other camera tid-bits.

So we’re officially in the era of cameras that are focused on connectivity as well as tapping into the new age of digital album sharing as less and less people bother with physical albums.

What do you think of this fusion of mediums of this magnitude?

Personally, I feel that the biggest hurdle of new gadgets will always be the power source. As phones get more powerful processors, cameras get brighter and larger screens, and the battery-hogging characteristics of mobile data transfer, we desperately need batteries much better than the current lithium-ion battery packs we have now, otherwise, it’s like a Tesla sports roadster that can go really fast but you’ll never reach your destination because the juice will run out.

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