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You’re Not Brave Enough To Try Tossin’ Cameras In The Air – Are You?

Kinetic Photography – aka Camera Tossing

Kai from DigitalRev recently posted another hilarious video on camera tossing. It just is what it sounds like… Set your camera on timer and toss the camera in the air!

The composition and effects you’ll get will be pretty unusual, but of course, everything will be based on chance as you have no control over it.

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Camera Tossing – It’s Been Around A While

It’s not a new fad or silly trick though, as quite a lot of people have been doing in already. Check out some of the interesting results.

Heck , there’s an 8-thousand strong Flickr page on camera tossing and they got some pretty nice collection there as well!

Concussion By zogecko

Concussion By zogecko (Flickr)

I guess you can get a bit more control if you use a wireless remote shutter trigger. Are you going to try this out yourself this weekend?

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