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When S#!t Happens – Are You Prepared? Book Review of Backup or Die by Rob and Lauren Lim

Here’s the fact. Whether you’re a casual mobile phone snapper or a serious pro, sooner or later, you’ll experience the dreaded “DAMN! I lost the pictures!” or “My hard drive failed and I don’t have another copy!!!” or whatever iteration you’ve heard others screamed online.

How to Backup Images Backup Or Die

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While most professional photographers are more conscious about backing up their data, the ratio between those doing it right and those haphazardly having a “backup” that will fail is overwhelming.

Take it down the level of casual photographers and enthusiasts, the odds of seeing people backing up multiple copies correctly and effectively are rather rare.

Question is, are you part of this “living on the edge” group thinking your images will just “be there” in the future?

Most data backup resources we’ve seen are well written for the tech geeks and professionals who are used to having a detailed workflow and all the jargon involved in safeguarding image files, Backup Or Die approaches this manner in a much more approachable and easy-to-understand manner.

I was able to grab this tablet-optimized PDF e-book by Rob and Lauren from Photography Concentrate that attempts to cover the critical issue of backing up images in a very tactical manner.

Boring is definitely not the word to use to describe Rob and Lauren’s book as the content is downright entertaining to read and easy to follow no matter what level you are in the techgeekascale.

How to Backup Images Backup Or Die

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The first few sections are high-level information that most casual photographers will find invaluable.

From the basic terminology, specs to look out for and other buying tips will sure clear up a lot of confusion for those who’ve never had a solid backup plan.

The book moves to a more serious and tactical tone midway and goes all the way to a step-by-step workflow for those really hard-core professional folks.

To be honest, as geeky as I am, I’m not very well versed with computer hardware and I’ve learned quite a bit on how to come up with a workflow that fits my needs best with Backup and Die.


How to Backup Images Backup Or Die

Nothing is left unturned in this book when it comes to data backup and to make life easier for you, they’ve included an easy-to-follow and hands-on worksheet that can narrow down all the technology requirements you’ll need to have an affordable, efficient, and future-ready repository system.


Backup or Die may sound like a hyperbole for a book title, but until you’ve lived the fear and heart-sinking sensation of cases like:

  • Losing ONE important image out of hundreds of photos you’ve shot in a wedding
  • Lost the one and only image you have of your first-born the moment he was conceived
  • The last photo you and your aging granny had together…

You’ll never forgive yourself for not doing something as simple and critical as backing up pictures can do to you. Note, all three points above are from personal experiences, and it’s no fun.

Don’t miss out on this great resource, it’s jam-packed with 117 pages of great content laid out in a very easy to read format regardless of reader you’ll use.  Learn more about Backup or Die from – Click here!

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