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BOKEH!!! 8 Great Examples Of Creative Bokeh Photography

Bokeh! (insert Kai’s voice here) is technically just blur, and getting a thin depth-of-field with a silky, buttery bokeh separation is one of the most sought after “effects” photographers try to achieve.

However, the abuse of thin DOF and obsession of the orbs have time-and-again ruin an otherwise great image.

Unplanned Bokeh Shots Suck!


Poorly executed thin DOF, bokeh-induced photos unappealing and are clear signs of photographer inexperience.

Great Photos Using Bokeh

So check out these eight great samples around the web (no, we won’t include the usual Christmas lights behind a mug or shaped orbs here.

At the end of the article, you can learn how to shoot well-executed bokeh shots as well.

Some may be overlays, but it gives you a good idea on execution and integration to the overall image.






If your pictures aren't good enough you're not close enough (take  three)

Day One Hundred

Just add light...
There are creative ways to use the rather unique out-of-focus qualities of different lenses that not only separates the subject from the background, but also make the bokeh-ed area part of the image contribute to the overall appeal.


Be A Bokeh Master

Learn how to integrate interesting out-of-focus elements into your photographs with The Art of Bokeh + The Portfolio of Bokeh and say goodbye to amateurish, random bokeh shots forever.

Click here to see how to use those long and fast lenses to your advantage.

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