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Beyond the Basics – Scott Kelby Talks About Composition

In this awesome one-hour session, Scott Kelby teaches composition beyond the usual “rule of thirds”, “golden mean” and other standard techniques and covers what goes on behind every carefully framed shot. Watch it below.

Composition is one crucial aspect of photography that has almost the same weight in importance to lighting. Most of the photos we admire from the legends of Photography involve not only great lighting, but also masterful composition.

While good light can always be replicated with the right situation and equipment, composition is something photographers can only improve through deliberate practice and analysis of one’s framing habits and scene analysis.

Many photo viewers let lighting or exposure “mistakes” slide as long as the composition is powerful and captivating, however, poorly composed photos, even when the exposure and lighting is special, tend to get ignored or brushed off easily.

A Photographer's Introduction to Creative Composition

This captivating and inspiring eBook is about taking composition past the so-called rules. It’s a thoughtful, practical book about the way we build our photographs within the constraint of the frame.

Andrew S. Gibson moves past the traditional discussion of thirds by showing how a more holistic approach can turn a conventional rule into a powerful tool. The eBook explores important subjects like the creative use of balance and focal points, insights into how to shape a subject, and using aspect ratio to establish an ideal foundation for making photographs, and so much more!

The diagrams and creative exercises will provide you with the ideas and insights you need to compose more engaging photographs.

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