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Review – Altissa Altix-N Film Rangefinder Camera

Anyway, here are some shots I’ve taken with my first roll. I based all my exposure estimates using the Sunny-16 rule and most of the shots came out decent. As I’ve said, you’ll probably struggle with focus distance more than exposure, it’s best to familiarize yourself how far the common distances are when shooting manual focus cams.

If you want a cheap, reliable, and well-designed camera, try the Altix-N. You should be able to find a lot of them from European (especially German) eBay sites.

I love this camera and I find myself using it quite often due to its heavy-duty construction and full manual controls. The lack of any indicators for focus and metering allowed me to completely rely on my focusing and metering skills which helps me shoot a lot faster and make decisions ahead of time.

While my focus hit-rate is lower with the Altix compared to my other manual-focus cameras with focus indicators, this camera is just a joy to shoot with. It’s really a wonderful camera – too bad it has no rings for me to attach a carrying strap to… Germans.

Go try one :)

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