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Review – Altissa Altix-N Film Rangefinder Camera

4. You’ll see the back has a wedge that acts as a pressure plate, while the cam itself has a film pressure plate that keeps the film on-plane.

5. Insert your 35mm film into the film chamber, since the base comes off, there’s no need to pull the winding tab out when inserting a roll.

6. Pull the leader of your film and pull enough (about 3 inches) of the film and insert it into the slit of the feeding spool. Use your finger to lightly keep the film in place. As with any film load, make sure that the feeding sprockets line up to the film guide slots.

Note: I strongly suggest you do this with the camera securely in your hand or place the camera face-down on the table, you can drop the camera rather easily since it’s very front-heavy. Ask me how I know this. I managed to bend the hinge of the pressure plate, when that happens, the film will crease and wrinkle, good thing it was an easy fix.

7. Flip the metal plate back into place and slide the back into place. This metal plate pretty much guarantees that your film will not be loosely loaded.

8. Slide the cover back and turn the knob until it’s tight. Cock the winding lever and shoot a couple of shots. If you did it right, every time you wind the lever, the rewind knob will turn as well. If it’s not turning, your film leader wasn’t loaded correctly.

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