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Review – Altissa Altix-N Film Rangefinder Camera

How to Use the Altissa Altix N and Camera Review

I purchased the Altissa Altix-N  (along with some accessories from the same era) from eBay. I had no idea what this old film rangefinder camera was about but I like the fact that it has full manual controls, a 15-blade prime lens, and most of all, it was really cheap. I got it for less than 6 Euros + shipping from Germany.

I received the camera a couple of weeks later and boy it was heavy. The whole thing was practically metal, and the leather case was crackly old. Overall, the condition of the camera was very good. Some brassing here and there, but the controls, glass, seals etc. were in great condition.

I spent two days trying to find out how to load the film in, then I gave up and asked Mr. Google for help and it directed me to a great site called “Retrography” by Simon Simonsen ( I dropped him an email and he promptly provided me great details on how to load film, change lenses, and other intricate info that’ll allow me to start shooting (thanks again, Simon).

So for my contribution, I’m giving other new Altix N owners some basic illustrations on how to get this baby working.

To Load Film

1. Flip the cam to reveal the knob where the tripod thread is located.

Turn the knob counter-clockwise until you feel little to no resistance – the knob is captive, it will not come off.

3. Once loose, gently slide the whole back off the camera.

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