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Adobe Lightroom | How To Use White Balance Creatively

White Balance, Not Just For Global Color Correction

Most photographers understand that for accurate colors, nailing the white balance is essential. It’s one of the skills I teach new photographers because understanding how color temperature acts in certain lighting can have a big effect on your images, particularly if you’re not a fan of post-processing, or if you need to use a file straight from the camera for publications.

But like anything in photography, rules aren’t set in stone and using the wrong white balance can be very beneficial as well if the scene calls for it.

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Cameras Are Dumb

Cameras can only see in grey in terms of exposure, and the same thing with white balance. It cannot automatically adjust and recognize “white” when the lighting changes like human eyes, hence the need for in-camera (or filter) adjustments on color temperature.

In a way, that’s a good thing as well, as we can bend reality a little in Adobe Lightroom to come up with more striking images only via white balance adjustments.

Combining Different Color Temperatures in Lightroom

The video below guides you on how to combine different white balance settings to create a more visually appealing image in complex and mixed lighting.

Complex lighting, especially if you can’t control the light, makes it critical that you learn how to fix white balance by segments rather than globally. The video above should get you started if you’re using Adobe Lightroom.

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