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Adobe Lightroom 5 Is Here! Learn How To Unleash All Its New Features!

lr5Our most beloved image editing and database tool has a new version! Adobe Lightroom 5 is officially out and the features are just plain awesome for imaging professionals and enthusiasts.

Check out this video.

New Features of LR5

Advanced Healing Brush in Adobe Lightroom 5 can not only do standard heal and patch tasks, the algorithm allowed with the new healing brush even considers shading, texture, and other factors for seamless cloning and healing.

Upright is a perspective and leveling on steroids. Straighten, square-up, correct converging lines with one click.

In addition to those two new and useful features, here’s a list of additional upgrades to the Adobe Lightroom 5.

    Radial Gradient
    Smart Previews
    Video Slideshows
    Enhanced Photobook Creation
    Geo-based image organization
    Enhanced shadow/highlight recovery
    Advanced monochrome conversion
    Faster and more efficient processing

Want to Really Dig Into the New Lightroom 5 Features? Grab this LR5 Tutorial and Tips Guide

This 77-page eBook, and the companion videos (50+ minutes), will help you get up to speed with what’s new in your favorite digital darkroom software.


Adobe Certified Expert, Piet Van den Eynde shares with you how to maximize and use LR5’s new fewatures correctly in your workflow and image editing. Check it out here, for this fresh, new guide.

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