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iPhotocourse was originally known as David’s Simple Photography (DSP) between 2008-2011, but I’ve decided to make the site less about ‘me’ and more about you and the entire photography community I’m always interacting with.

Hello, I’m David Tong and I’m the guy who runs iPhotoCourse. I’m just a regular guy who loves photography, both technically and creatively. And like most of you, I just love playing with all the new gears and technology that comes along with digital photography.

We’re all newbies one time or another, and I understand the confusion and the excitement of owning that first DSLR or advanced camera. We feel excited, but intimidated, even pressured to produce good photos every single time.

There’s really no reason to feel intimidated by more experienced photographers or equipment as photography’s supposed to be fun and self-reflecting, and that’s what iPhotoCourse aims to provide – a fun, no-pressure way of learning.

The “courses” on iPhotoCourse are by no means formal or academic, they’re presented in a way they become resources and learning channels for you to use and discuss with like-minded folks all over the world.

In addition to free photography tips and lessons, the site is filled with comprehensive reviews on digital photography equipment from cameras, lenses, to accessories and books. We also have the popular digital darkroom section for digital processing tutorials.

Lastly, and perhaps the most exciting part of iPhotoCourse is our Artist Promotion section. Each week or two, we will help up-and-coming photographers and studios like yourself to gain more exposure all over the internet. We will help you promote your masterpieces, blogs, and services as well!

Of course, all the information we present are free of charge. While we do run several affiliate and advertisement programs on the site, but they incur no cost to you, our readers.

These revenue-generating avenues are necessary for us to pay for the upkeep of the site as well as help us expand for more features, if you’re interested, the Disclosure page explains things in greater detail.

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Lastly, if you need to contact us regarding any article request, training courses, or just to say ‘hello’, just visit our Contact page anytime.

Until then, keep on shooting, have fun learning, and thank you for supporting iPhotoCourse!

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