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Go Minimal! 8 Great Examples of Minimalist Black & White Images

Great photographs need not have tons of complex elements in them. A lot of times, the simple, in-your-face simplicity of a minimalist photo grabs the viewer’s attention immediately and just forces you to stare and enjoy the image.

Add the black and white element in and you get artwork that are universally pleasing to the eyes.

Here are eight great examples of minimalist images to stir up some of your creative juices.

If you like their work, click the image and follow their Flickr photostream!

Bathing Right

Bathing Right View on Flickr



Northumberland -.View on Flickr



converted rose

Converted Rose – View on Flickr


Illuminatus.- View on Flickr


Minimalist Minehead Marker

Minimalist Minehead Marker – View on Flickr

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