5 Steps to Taking Perfect Pictures

5 Steps to Taking Perfect Pictures

Photography is a fun hobby, but while some seem to have a natural eye for what makes a good picture you might still be trying to figure the whole thing out.  That’s okay there are techniques that you can learn that will help develop your skill as a photographer.  Here are 5 steps to taking perfect pictures.

  1. Light

Light is everything to photography.  If you want to learn how to take good pictures then you need to learn how to play with and manipulate light.  You can create dramatic shots using shadows.  If landscapes are your thing then you want to get those shots either first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.  Natural light always makes better pictures.  Here is how to use light in your pictures.

  1. The Angle of Your Shots

You can use angles to take really impressive pictures.  Selfies, for example, when you hold the camera away and up from your face you get a better picture than just looking directly at the camera.  While the average person takes photos directly in front of the object try playing with the angle to see if you get a more interesting shot.  You can try shooting from closer to the ground or from above your subject.  Try from an angle that is out of the ordinary.

  1. Composition

One of the most important things that you will need to learn to be a great photographer is how to compose your shots.  You can use composition to convey messages in your photographs, this is what lets the people who see your pictures understand what you are trying to say.  This is where photography becomes art.  Bear in mind when it comes to composition, follow the rule of thirds.  It is not written in stone but use it as the foundation to taking some great pictures.

  1. Framing

This is another tool in your arsenal to take dramatic and eye catching photographs.  You want to use this when you shoot landscapes, make the foreground the “frame” for the shot.  You can use things like the overhanging branches, windows, fences or whatever happens to be nearby.

  1. Timing

When you are taking action shots then timing is critical and something that isn’t easy to master.  You need to capture the image on time the moment it’s happening that tells the story of what you are capturing.

Photography is a skill that you won’t necessarily be good at right off the bat, it is like anything else you can practice to get better.  Don’t get discouraged, you will be taking beautiful pictures in no time.

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