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5 Great Tutorials Videos on One Light Portraiture

Effective portraits stems from many factors, from effective posing, choosing the right focal length and aperture, composition, and rapport with your subject. But one thing that all photographers must learn and know how to execute by heart is lighting a subject from a single light source.

One Light Source – A New Fangled Approach?”

A single light approach isn’t new, the fact that we only have one natural light source – the sun, makes one-light approach natural and intuitive.

One Light Portrait Tutorial

Image Credit – Tony Corbell

By using just one light source, we can clearly define areas of highlight and shadows that can shape our subjects’ features and instill the mood we desire for our overall composition. Having one light source only makes lighting easy and predictable as well.

One light doesn’t automatically mean ‘strobist’ or artificial, studio light.

As I’ve mentioned, the concept is derived from the fact that we have one sun in the real world, as such, we can manipulate how that single natural light source can hit our subject as well. The only difference between natural and artificial lighting is we adjust natural lighting by changing our subject position or changing the shape of the light rays from the sun as opposed to moving the light source physically

The best thing is, we can manipulate how the light hits our subjects to achieve a desired effect and the series of videos below show you how.

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