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Photoshop – Enhance Your Photos in 3 Easy Steps!

Level: Easy

How many times have you taken a colorful scene but you feel that the image needs a little bit more “pop”? I have an easy Adobe Photoshop tutorial for you that should solve most of your flat images.

Here’s our original image, a colorful wooden door that I found near a Malay heritage village in Singapore.


1. Duplicate the background layer.

Duplicate Layer

2. Blur the image using Gaussian Blur (Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur). Apply a radius that blurs the details of the image, but still leaving the edges visible or distinct in the image. The image above was pretty large so I used a high radius. Feel free to experiment the radius amount.

Apply Gaussian Blur

3. Change the Blending Mode of the current duplicated layer to “Overlay”, and this is what we have now.

Blend Mode Overlay

You can experiment with Soft Light, Hard Light, or Vivid Light as well and adjust opacity or masking to your liking. I masked the upper right corner of this image as it was too dark to my liking, but that’s about it.

Original Image

Final Image

That’s all there is to it, we now have a livelier, punchier image with soft contrast boost using Adobe Photoshop

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