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25 Awesome PDF Guides On Photography Poses For Download

Posing in an art, and art that has to be mastered by all models and portrait photographers alike. You can have the prettiest model or the best light, but if you can’t pose or direct a pose, your portraits will end up looking forced, unappealing, and no coherence to the scene or mood.

Whether you’re shooting boudoir, wedding, maternity, or glamour, knowing how to pose your subject is essential.

Here’s a list of guides (mix of paid and free) to help both photographers and models in posing.

Ideas for posing are easy to emulate but takes time to master. I suggest you pick a handful, like 5 poses to master first so you can have a ‘go-to’ posing set to fall back on if you can’t get creative at a given moment.

Maternity, Kids, and Newborn Posing Guides

Taking great photos with a model require both parties to be in sync. A good model needs a good photographer to bring out their best, and a photographer needs a good model to ensure his model photos don’t look amateurish and unpolished.

Work with a good model or a model who’s willing to be directed on posing. With experience, you’ll know which poses work well for specific types of body shape, height, and facial features.

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