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2013 Round Up of Innovative Digital Photography Products

QX100Sony QX Lenses for Smartphones

The limitation of small lenses and sensors on mobile phones have been it’s Achilles heel despite the superb advancement in technology.

External lens attachments have been around for quite sometime for smartphone. But they’re nothing more than clip-on adapters that doesn’t mitigate the small-sensor problem of the smartphone.

The QX10 [price check] and QX100 [price check] lenses of Sony solves this problem with it’s clip-on mount assembly that contains both a lens and a sensor matched perfectly together.

The images are processed internally by the QX lens and even allows you to capture 20-megapixels of resolution with it’s f/1.8 lens with 3.6x optical zoom, then sends the image to your smartphone for storage or uploading to social networks via WiFi.

It surely makes it easier to capture high-quality images without carrying a bulky camera in-tow while still have the ability to detach it for regular phone use.

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