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2013 Round Up of Innovative Digital Photography Products

Really Small DSLR – Canon 100D

Canon’s lack of sales in the serious prosumer point-and-shoot offering with the G-series and their EOS-M mirrorless cameras have been an issue for the camera giant.

Interestingly, by trying to slim down their best-selling T5i Rebel without making it look and feel really cheap, they’ve come up with the Canon EOS 100D (also known as SL1) [price check]that isn’t only significantly smaller, but retains almost all the higher-end features of the T5i.

While this camera will inevitably kill off Canon’s own 1100D (T3) offering, it’s definitely a move to the right direction.

If you’ve abandoned DSLRs recently because of size issues but sorely miss the advantages of a traditional DSLR such as great battery life, optical viewfinder, fast AF, and cheaper accessories, look no further than the Canon 100D.

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