Telephoto Lens Guide | 4 Effective Tips In Using A Telephoto Zoom Lens

Written By Marvin Uy This is a guest post by Marvin Uy, an avid photographer based in Manila, Philippines. Marvin shares some really helpful and practical tips on how to effectively use your telephoto zoom lensĀ for different types of photography. The article applies to any type of mid-to-telephoto zoom lens whether you’re shooting Canon, Nikon, […]

Filter or No Filter – Will Filters Affect Images?

Filter or No Filter – Will Filters Affect Images?

Will protective filters affect images? Are there real-world differences between your lens’ sharpness and performance if a filter is used?

Simple Tips to Improve Outdoor Portraits

by David Tong Most of us bought a camera for the same reason, to take portraits of our love ones. Quite a number of people are content with the idea of “I’m after the person in the picture, I could care less about photography techniques!”. While that reasoning is justified, as capturing the subject take […]

Compensate! Compensate! Exposure Compensation

by David Tong Almost all cameras these days have an Auto-mode, even pro-level cameras will have at least a Program mode which is essentially Auto-mode with flexibility. It’s safe to assume that modern cameras can analyze a scene pretty well to give you perfect exposures every single time, but in reality, they don’t – why? […]

Photoshop – Improving Specific Colors

Level: Very Easy Here’s an easy trick to make a specific color more vibrant in your photographs using Photoshop’s Selective Color adjustment tool. Here I have a photo of a classic postal box. The saturation’s not as good as it should be due to the flat, overcast lighting. The colors are pretty accurate to the […]

Shedding Light on Flash – Part 1

The little, bright light tube that comes with a camera since the advent of automatic exposure has been one of the greatest mysteries for camera owners. Most know (or think they know) that the little flash unit is provided to provide light when the sun goes down. While it used to be that simple during […]

Book Review – Contemporary Wedding Photography by Julie Oswin & Steve Walton

Book Review – Contemporary Wedding Photography by Julie Oswin & Steve Walton

Buying A Camera Tripod Guide

Need help buying a camera tripod? Not sure what the differences are between the hundreds of camera tripods available in the market? Read this camera tripod buying guide before purchasing your first tripod!