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10 Great Video Tutorials on Taking and Editing Backlight Photos

When light passes from behind your subject, the effects is ethereal and stunning. The halo around the edges, the warm glow, the depth of the image is hard to beat.

Shooting backlit photographs presents many technical, creative, and post-processing challenges and opportunities, however. So here’s a list of 10 great tutorials that will help you understand and utilize this lighting technique.

Backlighting – An Introduction

Backlighting – Shooting Into the Light (Part 1)


How to Backlight


Natural Light Portraiture – Shooting Towards the Light


Using Backlighting in Studio Stock Photography


Backlighting Wedding Photography Technique


Lightroom – Backlit Portrait Editing


Lightroom – Editing a Backlit Photo and Bracketing


Photoshop – Baclit Beach Scene


Photoshop – Fixing a Heavy Backlit Photo

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