Photography Shooting Tips

Four Great Tutorials on Posing the Male Subject

Women with their generally softer features and curves make great subjects in almost all situations. Men tend to be rather stiff and have more "accepted looks" limitations in terms of angles and lines associated with posing. It's not impossible to … [Read More...]

Screen vs. Paper – Getting Your Prints Right – Photography Printing via Inkjet

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Beauty & Fashion Photography: Tips by Matthew Jordan Smith

Learn from one of the best in the industry. Take notes. … [Read More...]

How To Avoid Your Most Common Photography Mistakes

Learn the most common and simple photography mistakes you can make as a photographer and how to avoid them in the helpful video below! … [Read More...]

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Post Processing Tutorials

The Entire $149 Award-Winning Nik Collection, Now FREE, Thanks to Google

Acquire, give it away. Big G is giving away both Windows and Mac version of the entire Nik Collection suite! According to Google on their latest Google+ post: Starting March 24, 2016, the latest Nik Collection will be freely available to … [Read More...]

Photo Manipulation Effects Using Photoshop CC

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How to Harness the Power of Content-Aware Features in Photoshop CC

The Content-aware tools in newer versions of Photoshop is incredibly powerful but many photographers forget this feature simply because it needs a slight tweak on their workflow. However, once you start learning what all these new Content-Aware … [Read More...]

Creating Super-Cool Dispersion Effects in Photoshop

Check out this cool tutorial by Brad Goble on creating dispersion effects for your photographs! … [Read More...]

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Gears and Reviews

Never Overexpose Your Photos Again – Modulo Camera – An MIT Invention

The smart folks over at MIT invented a new type of sensor that will never over-expose your images. Check out how it's done. Kind of like HDR with only a single image, thanks to a new type of sensor. … [Read More...]

What Light to Pick for for Videography

Here's an awesome tutorial guide on how to choose the right videography light for every budget and usage. … [Read More...]

Best Deals on Photography Gadgets This 2014 Holiday Season

End of the year is the best time for photography equipment, and here are some of the best stocking stuffers online, check them out! They're not from all categories, but they're the ones that are flying off the shelves this … [Read More...]

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Business of Photography

Automated Robotic Video and Photo Studio Shoots – Tech Disruption to End More Photography Jobs?

Taking out the need for a camera crew, the new product of StyleShoots, StyleShoots Live, allows companies to focus on story boarding and styling the … [Read More...]

How to Connect with Your Photography Subjects

Taking great photos because of solid technical skills is an essential part of being a photographer, however, the ability connect with our subjects … [Read More...]

Key Points When Setting Up Your Own Studio Space

Matt Granger has some really specific tips and advice to keep in mind when you're about to set up your own studio space. Check it out. … [Read More...]

Video Shooting Tips and Tricks

What Light to Pick for for Videography

Here's an awesome tutorial guide on how to choose the right videography light for every budget and usage. … [Read More...]

Top Cinematographers Share Their Secrets in Hollywood Blockbusters

A candid but insightful conversation between 5 top-level cinematographers and their work. … [Read More...]

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Be Inspired! Featured Themes and Photographer Interviews

Ridiculously Adorable Backlit Kids Photos

Adding rim lighting adds dimension and separation of subject to background naturally, but sprinkle in adorable cuteness and bubbly subjects like kids, the combination can't be beat. Enjoy the works of … [Read More...]

Mouth-Watering Food Photography Examples

Ready to salivate? Check out these excellently styled and photographed food from Flickr artists. … [Read More...]

Beyond the Cliché, Superb Mother and Child Portraits by Mexico Rosel

Tired of the fake poses, heart-shaped hands on belly type of mother-child/pregnancy photos? Mexico Rosel brings a classy and low-contrast documentary style to show the intimate relationship between … [Read More...]

Amazing Bike Stunt Video Shot Entirely with an iPhone

This video is a perfect example of how solid techniques, editing, and story telling trumps equipment. Check this out! Flip Champagne - iPhone 5S short movie from Léo Ginailhac on Vimeo. … [Read More...]

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