Photography Shooting Tips


Easy and Cheap LED Lighting for Jewelry Photography

Alex Koloskov shows you how to create a cheap but highly-effective LED continuous light table top studio just for jewelry photography. … [Read More...]


Behind the Scenes of a Newborn Shoot

Ana Brandt behind the scenes as she photographs a client in their Newport Coast home in California. Baby Quinn … [Read More...]


Jon Willey on How To Shoot Sports with Mark Wallace

Jon Willey is interviewed by Mark Wallace of Adorama TV to discuss how he shoots those great Arizona Diamondbacks action photos. … [Read More...]


Tutorial – Dramatic Cinematic Theme Portrait Lighting

Ben Sant of BTS Photography peels back the curtains to teach us how to light a dramatically cinematic scenario in this latest video tutorial. … [Read More...]

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Post Processing Tutorials


Attack the Noise and Create Tack-Sharp Photos

Learn how to get rid of noise carefully and enhancing the sharpness of your images using CS6 version of Photoshop from an excerpt of INOAH Media training video.s … [Read More...]


Retouching Landscape Photos with Lightroom 5

Serge Ramelli over at shows you how to tweak landscape, particularly sunset, photographs in Adobe Lightroom for stunning results. … [Read More...]


Quick and Easy Photo Blending Tutorial with Photoshop

[Read More...]


Quick and Easy Skin Smoothing Using Apple Aperture 3

Apple's Aperture 3 has so many features that Mac-using photographers will find very handy. Here's a tutorial from ProTips channel on how to quickly enhance portraits using skin smoothening tools. While this isn't the ideal way to correct skin … [Read More...]

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Business of Photography

Finding Your Target Market for your Photography Business

Starting a photography business is all about the customer. Being able to match your talents with the right target market is one of the biggest key to … [Read More...]


Advice on Pricing Photography for Beginners

Alex Beadon shares her advice on how a first-time professional photographer can determine the pricing structure for your photography business. … [Read More...]


Starting Your Own Booming Baby Photography Business with Sandy Puc

Sandy Puc via Creative Live talks about how to start a profitable and successful baby photography business. If you've always loved working with babies … [Read More...]

Gears and Reviews


Lytro Illum – Will It Change Photography Forever?

Lytro rocked the photography world last year when it unveiled it's first light-field, shoot-now, focus-later camera. For all intents and purposes, however, the first incarnation was more of a prototype to prove it can be done and was nothing more … [Read More...]


Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Prime Lens As Reviewed By Fstoppers

John Schell and Jaron Schneider of FStoppers review the much awaited, much-hyped Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART prime lens! … [Read More...]


Sony Alpha A7S – Breaking New Grounds with 4K Video and Insane ISO

I have to salute Sony for being the only true innovator of technology the past two years in the photography front. There's no other company who placed so much chips on the table when it comes to REAL technological development than they have, and as … [Read More...]

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Photography News


10 Christmas Family Photos You Probably Shouldn’t Take – Funny Vid and Slideshow

Christmas is right around the corner, well, 2 days to be exact! Here's a funny video on awkward family Christmas photos as featured by Nerdist, then scroll through the slideshow to have a laugh and don't forget to share this to certain family members who think any of these is a great idea. All … [Read More...]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Finally Made Affordable

Adobe launched the Creative Cloud subscription-based software service rather than having people buy the Creative Suite outright a few months ago. This sparked an outrage to many people as you can no longer "own" the license of the software and essentially held hostage by Adobe as long as you need … [Read More...]

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Video Shooting Tips and Tricks


Composition & Camera Angles for Filmmaking

Tom Antos has tons of great tutorials on filmmaking, and this is one of them. Covering the essential techniques on composition and camera angles will help elevate and polish your video productions. … [Read More...]


What if A Volcano Spews Out 8 Million Flower Petals? (Feature 4K Video by Sony)

Note that this is technically a commercial by Sony, but think about how awesome it would be if a volcano spews out gorgeous flower petals down to a nearby small town instead of molten lava? Check … [Read More...]

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Be Inspired! Featured Themes and Photographer Interviews


Darren Heath, Formula One Photographer Feature

Darren Heath is one of the most well-known Formula One (and general motorsports) photographers of all time. He's also known for busting McLaren in 1997 for using an illegal braking system, so you know … [Read More...]


Six Unique Interpretations of the Eiffel Tower

One of the most challenging task for any photography enthusiast when travelling is to capture an iconic landmark in a way that no one else has shot before (or at least, very uncommon). Most of the … [Read More...]


Twelve Mouth-Watering Food Styled to Perfection

Food styling is one of the least understood and appreciated art forms in commercial photography. The amount of work needed to get the colors, angles, texture, and ingredients just right to create an … [Read More...]


NYC Photographer Jamel Shabazz as featured by Charlie Ahearn

Jamel Shabazz's unique flair on the New York hip hop  scenes is second to none. His unique and down-low approach has gotten him the respect of hip hop artists and street performers alike. In this … [Read More...]

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